Information for local residents

This page has been set up by your local Councillors to try and provide as much imformation as possible for local residents.  All our contact details are on the Homepage. You you phone, email, text or message us through our Facebook page - where there is more information and links to Council information about Council services and how they are being affected.

The information on this page is mainly for our more elderly residents and those self-isolating. There is a link to this page on our Facebook page and we would ask you to share this with anyone who may find it useful.

We hope you all stay well and safe.

Self Isolation Well-Being Pack

This is aimed at helping people forced to stay away from family and friends.

Update 20 03 20

Latest update from Healthcare Stockport

Seated arm exercises

This information and the next download is about exercises that can be done at home.

Seated lower limb exercises

Top Tips for Volunteers

To help people who are volunteering to support their communities.

Top Tips for people accepting support from local people/organisations

Information for people accepting help and support.


Clearly the advice about eating with others can't be followed at the moment but the rest of the information may be helpful.

Keep well hydrated

Signpost for Carers

Information for Carers.

Age UK Stockport Front Page Coronavirus

How to contact Age UK now their office in Stockport hs closed.