25. Jun, 2020

Royon Drive/Bilson Drive footpath cleared

This footpath that becomes impassable each year because of overgrown vegetation has been cleared and will be resurfaced on Friday this week. This will make it a much more accessible route for local residents.

25. Jun, 2020

Station underpass to open up!

After Avanti were contacted and asked about when the underpass would open up, they have now confirmed that it will be open from the 4th July. Good news for local residents.

10. Jun, 2020

Scam - Beware!

Unbelievably, there are criminals out there trying to make money out of people's concerns and worries. Absolute scum they are. There has been an increase in scam calls in relation to NHS Track and Trace where people are being asked to pay for a home testing kit etc.
NHS TEST AND TRACE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO PAY FOR A TEST, ask for bank details, passwords or pin numbers. If they phone you tell them what you think of them!

10. Jun, 2020

Castle Street

Sheila, Matt and Philip, as well as traders and local residents, are concerned about Castle Street and the impact of Covid-19 that has shut most of its shops. The street has always had its good times and times when it has struggled but these last few weeks have been a hammer blow. As soon as we can we intend to hold a community meeting with traders and local residents to discuss what we can do as a community to help regeneration.

Skateboard England guidelines

13. May, 2020

Work to restart on Roscoe's roundabout

Information from the Council's Highways Engineers
The Highway & Transportation Service has only just received approval to start construction works again from the 11-05-20 and we have a lot of closed down sites to finish off. Roscoe’s is a high priority for us and we are currently reviewing the completion of the roundabout works with TLC who have just started to build up the resources to do this as there staff were redirected to frontline services during the recent restrictions. We are also reviewing the commissioning of the crossings with TfGM Urban Traffic Control to ensure that they can mobilise themselves and their subcontractors to complete the works safely and quickly. Once I have some firm dates from both contractors I will update you accordingly.

13. May, 2020

Bridge work on footpath to Thomson Street

Work on removing the footbridge across to Thomson Street will start on Monday. Preparations will start for rigging the crane which will actually lift the bridge out from over the rail line and lower it onto the verge area. This preparation will require the complete closure of King Street West/Shaw Heath between Daw Bank and Greek Street junctions with a diversion in operation via the A6. The closure will continue throughout the lift, dismantling of the bridge and de-rigging of the crane and is expected to take 2 weeks to completely clear under this phase. The letter from Network Rail is here. Problem is they are talking about late 2021 before a new bridge is put in place. We think this is far too long and will be pushing for a much earlier replacement.

9. May, 2020

Motorbikes causing problems

We've had complaints from residents about motorbikes using the footpath from the bottom of Reservoir Road between the two reservoirs to Moscow Road. They are endangering pedestrians and cyclists and we have reported this to the police as well as contacting the Council to see what longer term measures can be put in place to stop it happening.

7. May, 2020

VE Day commemorations

On 8 May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end. Britain celebrated as did all of Europe. Street parties and celebrations went on across the country. At this 75th anniversary people obviously wanted to commemorate the ending of that bitter and brutal conflict that raged for six years. Sadly, Coronavirus has put an end to all the planned events and even street parties can't go ahead - for now. These events are not cancelled, just postponed and we will do all we can to support local residents who want to hold street parties as soon as its possible to do so. In the meantime people will find other ways of marking this anniversary tomorrow, remembering the millions who went to war and made the ultimate sacrifice, those who returned, scared by the horrors of war, and those who kept the home fires burning throughout those six long years

7. May, 2020

Congratulations to Cllr Sheila Bailey

Today Sheila completes 30 Years service as a Councillor for Edgeley and Cheadle Heath. In normal times, today would have been election day but all elections have been postponed until 2021. "I can't believe it's 30 years since I first won this Ward for Labour and have, with colleagues, kept it ever since. Labour took control of the Council in 2016 and I am particularly proud to be a member of the first Labour Cabinet for 40 years. A massive thank you to local residents who have supported me and my fellow Councillors over all this time and helped us make Edgeley and Cheadle Heath a great place to live and work".

4. May, 2020

One-off green bin rounds completed

Thank you to all involved in making sure this one-off green bin collection has been completed. The green bin collection is now suspended until further notice but, as soon as we can, normal service will be resumed.

4. May, 2020

Adswood and Bredbury Tips now open

Adswood Tip is open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm and Bredbury is open 8am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. You are able to use the Centres on a rota basis with just black bagged residual waste. For more information www.stockport.gov.uk/news/recycle-for-greater-manchester-reopens-two-of-stockports-household-waste

4. May, 2020

Thank you NHS and Key Workers

Road signs have been installed to thank the NHS and Key Workers for their fantastic support for Stockport residents. See one at the side of the Town Hall and one near the entrance to Stepping Hill Hospital on the A6.