Events in Edgeley and Cheadle Heath

Three more local events - Edgeley & Cheadle Heath is the place to be!
Sunday 22nd September 10am onwards Planting Day - Grenville St car park.
Saturday 28th September 10-4 St Matthew's Church invites everyone to their Heritage Day. Refreshments available.
Saturday 28th September 2-4 why not call in at the Rose Walker Centre, Essex Avenue. The Friends of Cheadle Heath Park are holding a Macmillan Coffee Afternoon to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Bring a bake of your own or sample bakes made by others. Every penny goes to Cancer Support.

GM Police Summer Newsletter 2019

This Newsletter covers the Central Area of Stockport and provides information about Edgeley and Cheadle Heath and surrounding areas.

We were at Aurora Business Park recently and saw that work on landscaping the entrance has started - not before time! The work will take a few weeks to complete. The area behind the hoardings will not be included for now as it is being marketed for some future use. Whatever this is it needs to take account of the nearby residential properties. The land at the bottom of Beacon Way near the car parks is having extra barrier rails installed to prevent travellers using this area as happened a few weeks ago. Once this is complete the fence will be repaired.

Gorsey Bank Park has now been officially renamed as Cheadle Heath Park.

There is a new Friends Group:

Add your name to the distribution list for the new Cheadle Heath Park Friends Group

The Group will meet every month at the Rose Walker Community Centre in the park.

Beehives on Fred Perry House roof

After all the hard work and stress of local elections, here is a more peaceful story about bees. Looking for ways to encourage and support the bee population in Stockport, Cllr Harding suggested putting beehives on the roof of Fred Perry House. They are now installed with colonies of bees living in them. If you look closely at the top right hand photo you can see the queen bee, not always easy to spot apparently. Thank you to Cheshire Beekeepers and Council staff for their support. Philip is looking forward to his first jar of honey.

Cllr Philip Harding said "Cross-pollination helps at least 30 percent of the world's crops and 90 percent of our wild plants to thrive. Without bees many plants—including food crops—would die off.  We need the bees and now they need us to help them survive".

Grenville Street being resurfaced

Grenville Street is being resurfaced, at last.  It looks great.  The rest of Grenville Street will follow later in the programme.

Work on Edgeley Road near the junction with Northgate Road is due to start within the next few weeks as well at the junction of York Street and Castle Street.  St Lesmo Road is also in the programme for resurfacing.

If you know of any carriageways/potholes in the area please let us know.

Aurora Business Park now fully let

It was only in March 2018 that we attended the opening of this new BusinessPark in Cheadle Heath.  Cllr Philip Harding said "We are delighted that this derelict site has been turned into an opportunity for business and employment as well as making environmental improvements to the local area.  We are also pleased to report that the site is now fully let". Having seen the site Matt Wynne said "I am really impressed with this investment in Cheadle Heath.  It looks good and is providing jobs.  The one problem outstanding is the landscaping at the entrance to the site which has not yet been done.  We are chasing this, tenders have gone out and we want to see the work carried out as soon as possible".

Spring is on the way!

Last November over 1000 bulbs were planted in Cheadle Heath Park, following a mass plant organised by Friendly Fridays (open to everyone, every Friday at the Rose Walker Community Centre, Essex Avenue, Cheadle Heath 10am to 3pm).  The bulbs were provided by the Council's Greenspace team and included Bluebells, Snowdrops, Daffodils and Tulips.

The first of the Snowdrops has appeared, bringing with it a sign of spring to come.  

Well done to Friendly Fridays and everyone involved.

Trees for Edgeley and Cheadle Heath

The first tree of a huge programme of new and replacement highways trees was planted on St Lesmo Road by Cllr Philip Harding and Cllr Sheila Bailey.  Cllr Harding said "This is the first of over 2000 trees that have been or will be planted across Stockport. Trees very much enhance our neighbourhoods and help improve air quality".

Here are some of the road where trees will be planted... Adelaide Rd, Avondale Rd, Cambrian Rd, Castle St, Chatham St,  Heathbank Rd, Ingleton Rd, Kilburn Rd, Northgate Rd, Old Chapel St, Onslow Rd, St Lesmo Rd, Stockport Rd.

Hollywood Park

Several residents have contacted us about the recent work in Hollywood Park. One hedge has been removed to improve sight lines because of complaints about anti-social behaviour in the old bowling green area. All other hedges will stay. We were not notified about the work on the border next to the football field nor on the top path on the south side. We have asked for considerable tree planting to be done to mitigate some of this damage and the first tranche is on the plan below - 50 fruit trees in the bowling green area, 8 mature trees near the play area and 500 tree whips to be planted on the bank at the side of the top path to help with drainage. We are told that trees and shrubs in the border will regenerate - but we'll wait and see! If not we will want to see new planting in that border as well.